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Ron Purewal

Ron Purewal

Standardised Test Expert

Teaching the UMAT has been rewarding at every level,€” from feeling the intuitive "click" of effective communication in the moment, to witnessing tangible improvements in the short term, to seeing students achieve their score goals in the long term.

The greatest fulfilment, though, has come from seeing students learn to examine and deconstruct their own thought processes — a habit that will lead them to greater self-awareness, and, ultimately, enhanced confidence and self-sufficiency far beyond the classroom.

Ron is an inveterate strategist whose philosophy can be distilled to four words: 'Question everything; optimise everything.' The second and fourth words are no joke. In his relentless quest to optimise EVERYTHING in life, Ron has abandoned (among other things) the 24-hour day, the QWERTY keyboard, distinct meals, pillows, and countless other things that few people would even question, let alone disavow.

In his free time, Ron tends to lose himself in good books, and find himself again on the open road.

  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), Stanford University
Top Three UMAT Tips
  • 1Remember... this is a standardised test! EVERY correct answer must have an OBJECTIVE proof or justification - even if the topic itself is seemingly 'subjective' (e.g., the Understanding People construct).
  • 2Practice does NOT necessarily make perfect ... but practice makes PERMANENT. If you practice BAD habits,€” and/or practice in a way that's ill suited to the task, then you're building a permanent DISadvantage!
  • 3Always have CONCRETE GOALS! In other words, NEVER do anything without understanding both WHAT you're doing AND WHY you're doing it. This goes especially for READING. Far too many students just 'read passages' without any specific purpose, and without looking for anything in particular. Even in a best-case scenario, that's still a tremendous waste of precious time.

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Classes coming soon. Please choose another Mentor or enrol in our Online Resources to start learning today!

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