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Avinesh Chelliah

Avinesh Chelliah

MedStart Senior UMAT Mentor

MedStart changed the way I approached the UMAT as a student, and taught me how to understand UMAT problems in a way no other course did. For five years I have been inspired to do the same for my students. The course that we have developed breaks down every style of question in the UMAT, and walks you through the techniques you'll need to answer them logically. Watching students learn the principles, do the practice, and achieve their goals makes my job as rewarding as they come.

Avinesh has always loved to teach and in particular teaching UMAT has become a real passion. His spare time is spent playing sport, music and watching far too many movies/TV shows, and he is currently finishing his studies at Coffs Harbour Base Hospital.

  • 100th percentile in UMAT
  • Aspiring Paediatrician
  • Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMed) and Doctor of Medicine (MD), UNSW
Top Three UMAT Tips
  • 1With each new question type, understand what it looks like and what techniques you use to solve it. With practice, you'll become faster at recognising questions, applying techniques and answering questions. The goal is to feel like you're just going through the motions, working through familiar scenarios.
  • 2The UMAT is part logical and part emotional, so if you're stressed, haven't slept or are feeling overwhelmed, then prioritise all of those things over a few hours of UMAT practice. Start fresh the next day and you will absolutely perform better. Always remember to take breaks and never overwork yourself.
  • 3The skill of concentrating for an entire three hours is just as important and difficult as the actual questions! I describe it as a 400m race, because it's like a sprint but a long one. The only way to train for this is to make yourself practise full length three-hour exams. I tell my students to aim to do a three-hour practice exam at the same time each week for ten weeks leading up to the UMAT, leaving the last week or two to relax and let your mind rest.

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Classes coming soon. Please choose another Mentor or enrol in our Online Resources to start learning today!

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